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At Koox Agency, we are proud to have a diverse and rich portfolio. This page is where we show off what we've achieved for our clients. You'll find examples of our branding, digital campaigns, and how we've made a real difference. It's all about the results and the stories behind them – real successes that we're proud to share.

Farnham Castle

Farnham Castle, a majestic wedding venue, offers couples a fairy-tale setting for their special day. Our collaboration encompasses comprehensive social media management, ensuring the venue shines online, paired with a strategic approach to magnify its allure and attract couples seeking a memorable wedding experience.

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Hi-Speed stands at the forefront of the logistics industry, ensuring timely and efficient deliveries. Our partnership centers on enhancing their digital footprint through strategic social media posts and stories, while also driving engagement and crafting a tailored online strategy to bolster their industry presence.

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Natural Instinct

Natural Instinct is a premier raw pet food company dedicated to the health and well-being of pets. Our collaboration has focused on amplifying their brand on social media, crafting engaging content, fostering community interactions, and strategically guiding their online presence to ensure consistent growth and visibility.

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Swygge are a premium cocktail delivery company based in Reading. Innovation is at the forefront of their thinking, with the environment, originality, and the latest trends in mind. They started as The Cocktail Delivery Company and rebranded as Swygge in 2022 which is when they connected with Koox Agency looking for help rebuilding the new brand.

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LK Lettings

LK Lettings Co. is a modern dynamic lettings agency covering Surrey, Hampshire and local borders. As a small business they were excelling in the industry but needed help managing their social media accounts and marketing strategy.

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The Invision Group was born from a specialist requirement within the construction industry to provide full project/programme management services at all RIBA Stages, whilst also providing the assets required to bring the project/development to market. In short, they are the future of a full project lifecycle consultancy. They provide CGIs & virtual staging to luxury developments. We support Invision with all their marketing and strategy as an extended member of their team.

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PurpleCV, a leader in professional CV services, has long championed excellence and innovation in the career advancement space. They've been guiding individuals towards success through impactful CVs. Their journey to enhancing digital presence led them to Koox Agency. Together, we've amplified their online reach, executed winning social strategies, optimised email campaigns, and crafted compelling copy for job seekers nationwide.

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4 Kingdoms Adventure Park

4 Kingdoms Adventure Park is a well-loved family entertainment destination. Our collaboration focuses on managing their social media presence effectively and handling PR for their celebrated Christmas event, 'Magical Christmas Adventure.' Our goal is to promote this enchanting holiday experience to families and audiences, helping them create lasting memories during the festive season.

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Just Simple Homes

Just Simple Homes is a leading property developer known for creating modern, comfortable homes. We've worked closely with them to develop their website, create a strong brand identity, and manage their social media channels. Our focus is on clear communication, showcasing their properties effectively, and engaging with potential homeowners online. Our efforts aim to connect Just Simple Homes with people looking for their perfect home, making the process straightforward and relatable.

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AccuPixel specialises in Forensic Photogrammetry, serving sectors from law enforcement to archaeology with high-precision analysis. We work with them by providing targeted marketing strategies, including social media, email campaigns, and dynamic video content, highlighting their broad applications and expertise. Our collaborative efforts ensure AccuPixel's vital services achieve the recognition they deserve.

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