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The Client

Swygge are a premium cocktail delivery company based in Reading. Innovation is at the forefront of their thinking, with the environment, originality, and the latest trends in mind. They started as The Cocktail Delivery Company and rebranded as Swygge in 2022 which is when they connected with Koox Agency looking for help rebuilding the new brand.The BriefThe client wanted help with social media and content creation. More specifically they were looking to use social media to promote their new brand and products, in order to build brand awareness and legitimacy. They wanted to keep themselves in front of mind for past clients and attract new clients looking to buy cocktails.

Our Approach

We worked alongside the client to establish tone of voice and brand identity, pulling together a social media strategy to match their aims. This allowed us to begin building their brand across platforms with Instagram as their main attraction, which was used to grow their social media presence and engage relevant communities.Once the tone on socials were established, we recommended that the client stay relevant by engaging in the production of video content. We altered their social media package to include this in order to reach a more modern audience.


The client’s Instagram account had suffered a bot attack. We also had the challenge of making them a TikTok account as an alcohol brand. TikTok has tightened their policies on the promotion of alcohol so we had to be creative in our approach and strategy.


We were able to ensure regular posting and built engagement on three platforms. We helped grow LinkedIn impressions by x and on Instagram we saw a boost to page views and post impressions. We also helped the client combat the bot attack by updating their strategy to ensure their account growth remained stable which was hugely successful. Although TikTok is an ongoing project we are happy with the results so far in avoiding community violations and being able to post successfully in a way that connects with a new audience.

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