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In 2020, Lauren Dawkins started Koox Agency. With a Masters in Digital Marketing under her belt and years of experience working for large brands such as Harrods and Nestle, Lauren decided it was time to follow her passion and use her expertise to help smaller businesses get to the top. A few years later, Koox Agency is now a thriving, female-led team of creative professionals that are dedicated to making your brand stand out from the crowd. Our team are passionate about media, genuine about how much they care about our clients and authentic with the approach they take. We pride ourselves on our reliability and up-to-date knowledge of all things digital. Our aim is to find a way for small businesses to compete with larger companies by utilising the incredible power of technology, no matter how big or small the budget.


floral backgroundLauren Dawkins profile

Lauren Dawkins


Lauren is Koox Agency’s fabulous founder. She has a BA Hons Degree in Media, a Masters MSc in Digital Marketing Leadership and 9 years of experience at Harrods and Nestle, leading creative and marketing projects from concept to completion. When Lauren founded Koox, she brought together a talented network of individuals with the aim of working on projects for companies that don't yet have an in-house team. As well as being extremely passionate about her career and business, she also cares deeply about her local community and is always finding ways to help the people around her. She is incredibly sincere in her commitment to her clients and you can rest assured you’ll be in safe hands with Lauren.

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Ellie Macieira-Fielding


Ellie is Koox’s Agency’s creative and social media whizz! She got her start in journalism, started her own successful digital magazine and is a freshly qualified graphic designer and marketing expert. Ellie is dedicated to making your business look beautiful. Her past experience means she knows exactly what makes a brand stand out. She’s Koox Agency’s creative jack of all trades, here for all your business' creative and digital marketing needs.

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Mo Hassan

LinkedIn Specialist

Mo is our in-house LinkedIn specialist, known for his prowess in lead generation and optimisation. His expertise in B2B marketing on LinkedIn makes him invaluable for businesses looking to enhance their professional network and drive meaningful engagements. Mo combines his deep understanding of LinkedIn's tools with a strategic approach to help clients build impactful connections and generate solid leads. His tailored strategies ensure our clients stand out in the competitive digital landscape of B2B marketing.

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Lauren Parker

Marketing Executive

Lauren is a social media strategist and content creator with a talent for bringing brands to life online. Her journey spans managing accounts for historic venues, boutique retail, and fitness centres, where she's not only strategised but also crafted compelling content that resonates with diverse audiences. Lauren's strength lies in her ability to anticipate audience needs, creating campaigns that are both engaging and connective.

Currently expanding her skills as a Klaviyo expert, Lauren remains committed to the cutting edge of digital marketing. Her blend of strategic insight, content creation prowess, and emerging email marketing expertise uniquely positions her to drive sustainable growth and forge lasting customer relationships.

floral backgroundProfile image of Elena Gray

Elena Gray

Social Media Specialist

Elena is a TikTok expert, renowned for her ability to connect with younger audiences on this rapidly evolving platform. She's not just tuned into the latest trends; Elena has a natural talent for predicting what will capture the youth's interest next.

Her expertise makes her an essential asset for any brand aiming to make an impact on TikTok. Elena excels in creating content that not only engages with the current moment but also sets the pace for future trends. With her guidance, brands achieve a genuine and effective presence in the lively TikTok community.

Profile image of Salim Ahmedfloral background

Salim Ahmed

SEO & Ad Specialist

Salim Ahmed brings over 10 years of expertise to the table as a PPC and Social Ads specialist. With a focus on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and TikTok Ads, he's the wizard behind transforming ad clicks into tangible results. Salim's strategy isn't just about launching campaigns; it's about crafting sustainable growth, ensuring your paid ads consistently yield strong sales and revenue.

At the heart of Salim's success is his understanding of e-commerce and lead generation. He creates campaigns that are not only transparent but also directly linked to sales performance.

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