LK Lettings

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The Client

LK Lettings Co. is a modern dynamic lettings agency covering Surrey, Hampshire and local borders. As a small business they were excelling in the industry but needed help managing their social media accounts and marketing strategy.

The Brief

LK Lettings Co. wanted to build their brand identity online in order to become a digital authority in the space while reaching landlords and potential landlords and converting them into clients.

Our Approach

We worked closely with the client to create an all-around marketing strategy which would highlight the brand’s personality and values and build interest from relevant audiences. Our approach was focussed on engaging with the local community and making them a thought leader in property and lettings by creating a diverse range of content for them.On social media, we created distinct templates and elements to emphasise brand identity, created regular content around key aspects of their business and industry, and aided in community engagement in order to showcase the amazing work they do.


On social media, we posted across three platforms and saw consistent growth amongst target audiences. We were able to generate regular engagement and showcase their brand as a thought leader in their area. The LK Lettings Co. founders have recently expanded their team and won a local award for their work.

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