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Is Long-Form Content Making A Comeback in 2024?

The resurgence of Long-Form content in 2024

In recent years, the digital landscape has been dominated by short-form content, driven by platforms like TikTok and Instagram. These platforms, known for their quick, engaging clips, have shaped user expectations and attention spans, presenting a challenge for marketers and content creators alike. Even before the creation of TikTok there were already researchers suggesting that social media has decreased our attention span by four seconds. Yes, that is actually worse than a goldfish…

Despite this, there's a growing trend that signals a shift back towards long-form content. This trend is not just a nostalgic return to the days of lengthy blog posts and videos but a strategic response to evolving consumer demands for depth, information, and value.

We have all collectively felt our attention spans wither away, so reliant on short-form content that even when the 10-minute video feature was added to TikTok in 2022, we all collectively groaned. Though there is no accurate way of measuring why we might be reverting back to long-form content, it is safe to assume that perhaps we are all trying to make a conscious effort to revive our focus and engage our brains with more fulfilling and enriching content.

Understanding the shift

It’s true, long-form content, characterised by comprehensive articles, in-depth videos, and extended podcasts, is experiencing a notable comeback. When understanding it from a digital marketing perspective studies and observations suggest that long-form content is now attracting significantly more engagement and clicks compared to shorter pieces. This resurgence is partly due to platforms like YouTube and Twitch, which have consistently catered to audiences seeking more substantial content. Additionally, the changing algorithms of social media platforms, which now accommodate longer videos, reflect a broader acceptance and demand for in-depth content. This is especially the case compared to even a year ago.

The impact on audience engagement

The return of long-form content is underpinned by its ability to provide detailed, authoritative information that establishes trust and credibility with audiences. In an age where information overload is common, users are increasingly looking for content that not only entertains but also educates and informs. Long-form content meets this need by offering a holistic view on topics, allowing creators to explore subjects thoroughly and provide valuable insights that are often missing in shorter formats.

Integrating long-form and short-form strategies

The dichotomy between long-form and short-form content is diminishing as marketers recognise the benefits of integrating both into their content strategies. Short-form content serves as an effective tool for capturing attention and driving traffic, while long-form content engages and retains this audience with comprehensive and valuable information. By leveraging short-form content as a gateway to more detailed discussions, marketers can create a content ecosystem that caters to various audience preferences and stages of the customer journey. For example creating long-form content in the form of podcasts and converting it into multiple short-form clips to promote on social media. 

What long-form content can you integrate into your strategy?

What's interesting, though, is that while some long content is outperforming others, some content is getting shorter. Hubspot's study showed that effective blog content for SEO is getting shorter, going from 2000 words to about 800. However, content like podcasts and YouTube videos are getting longer by the day while outperforming a lot of their short counterparts. Because of this, it can be difficult to know exactly what content needs to be created on what platform and when. There are a lot of variables! So we put together a short list to help you out: 

  • Vlog-style Content: Harking back to the YouTube vlog golden age (2014-2017), audiences cherished the wait for their favoured creators' weekly updates. Vlogs offer a personal touch, allowing creators to share their lives authentically, warts and all.
  • Storytelling Content: Storytelling remains a potent engagement tool. Sharing personal stories helps brands and influencers forge a unique identity and deepen audience connections, setting them apart from the competition.
  • In-depth Informational Content: There's a thirst for knowledge only quenched by well-researched, detailed content. Whether tutorials, guides, or analytical pieces, accuracy and clarity are paramount, enhanced by examples and visuals.
  • Captions and Text-based Content: Accessibility is key in a diverse world. Captions and text not only cater to the deaf or hard of hearing but also appeal to those who prefer reading over listening, akin to watching a subtitled film.
  • Interactive Content: As audiences seek more engaging experiences, interactive elements like quizzes, polls, and branching narratives gain popularity. Ensuring choices have tangible impacts keeps users hooked and invested

Long-form content's role in today's digital world

The resurgence of long-form content does not negate the value of short-form; rather, it highlights the growing complexity of audience engagement in the digital age. Successful content strategies in 2024 will recognise and embrace the strengths of both formats. By doing so, content creators can satisfy the audience's desire for quick engagement while also fulfilling their need for comprehensive and authoritative information. 

The landscape of digital content is constantly evolving, and the resurgence of long-form content in 2024 is a testament to the changing dynamics of audience engagement and content consumption. As platforms adapt and audience preferences shift, the ability to blend the immediacy of short-form content with the depth of long-form will be key to creating meaningful connections and establishing authority in an increasingly crowded digital space. For marketers and content creators, this trend offers an opportunity to rethink content strategies, ensuring they provide value that resonates with and meets the diverse needs of their audience. But remember that above all, whether it’s short or long the best content is the content that is engaging and has value, so make sure you are always striving to create high-quality content.

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